Westwood Park Jewel

It’s official, we have moved into our new home in Pacifica and our home in San Francisco is now on the market. I’t s been another crazy busy month doing repairs and getting the place ready to sell, but I think it’s looking pretty good! If you know anyone looking … Read More

Our home is swiss cheese too…but with an impenetrable coating

How we sealed the envelope of our house In my earlier blog “Your house is swiss cheese”, I discussed the general idea of air sealing houses for energy efficiency.  Here’s how we did it on our own house: In initial discussions with our green building consultant, Katy Hollbacher of Beyond … Read More

A Slow Summer?

It is now September and I know many of you are wondering what happened to us…A neighbor recently came by and commented that things seem to have been moving very Slowly all Summer as not much change can be Seen from the Street.  Didn’t your mother teach you not to … Read More

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