This modern residence was designed for two of our favorite clients – us! This is our own home and also houses Beausoleil’s office. It was built as a high performance, highly insulated and air sealed house approaching Passive House standards and is Zero Net Energy. All of the building’s power (and an electric car) are provided by the sun – no fossil fuels needed or wanted.

Flexibility in design and use was key as we plan to be here a long time. It was designed for aging in place; the upstairs is barrier free and has all of the main living functions in case stairs become a problem in later life. A portion of the lower level can be split off and rented out for extra income when (if) we retire. 

We are also providing irrigation to our landscaping by diverting graywater from our sinks, showers and laundry, and are capturing and storing rainwater for use in a vegetable garden. The front yard is designed with native drought tolerant plants and the rear yard will be mostly edibles, for us as well as birds and bees. 


You can find the floor plans for our home below:


Lastly, you can read more about our design and process in a series of blogs:


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Net Zero Performance