Announcing Home and Garden Tours this Saturday, April 30th and Saturday, May 21st



As you have probably heard, we built the first all electric Net Zero Energy building in Pacifica in 2019 and won an All Electric Leadership Award last year with Peninsula Clean Energy. We always intended for our new home to be a research and education hub for the community and were giving tours and educational lectures before COVID. Now that restrictions are being lifted and we feel safer, we wanted to invite the public in again.

Besides the tours, we’ll have a slideshow of the house under construction explaining a lot of the technical aspects for better energy performance including better insulation strategies and air sealing, and showing off our super efficient heat pump HVAC and water heater equipment, as well as our electric induction stove and condensing clothes dryer. We’ll also show you the details of our solar system, how it performs even on foggy days, and how it was designed to offset all our energy costs in the course of a year.

For more information, and to sign up to reserve a spot, see the links below.

April 30 Net Zero Tours Eventbrite

Last year we also won the North Coast County Water District’s Water-Wise Design contest and will be giving garden tours later in May to show off our water harvesting and greywater systems as well as innovative site drainage with berms to slow and capture rain water flow. Our garden is planted with a lot of natives as well as fruit trees and other interesting edibles and we recently added two bee hives that you can peek in. We hope to have honey tasting samples for you by then if my bees cooperate! Lynn Adams of the Pacifica Beach Coalition will also be demonstrating worm composting as part of the event.

May 21 Water Wise Garden Tours and Worm Composting Demonstration Eventbrite

We’re asking for a $10 donation to the Pacifica Beach Coalition for tickets, but that is optional.


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