Beausoleil is French for ‘beautiful sun’ the ultimate source of energy that sustains life on our planet.

Commitment to the Environment

As science has made abundantly clear, our society, our economy, our housing and transportation desperately need to be transitioned from fossil fuels to solar and other sustainable sources of energy.  Climate change is real and only concerted, sustained effort to reduce our release of greenhouse gases will help moderate it.

Housing uses about 20% of America’s energy output. California is leading the way in reducing this energy demand with Title 24 statewide mandated energy codes. Starting in 2020, Title 24 will require that all new houses shall be ‘zero net energy’, i.e., that they produce as much energy as they consume.

Since our early work at one of the first all-solar heated neighborhoods in the world, we continue to strive to educate our clients about designing more environmentally sustainable buildings. While some ‘green’ design offers challenges and choices in regards to budget, the majority of good environmental decisions are solved with thoughtful design, which does not necessarily cost more.   Expect us to push – if only gently – for you to make your home more energy efficient. Every single person, acting in their own private lives, can affect the outcome.  Indeed, it may well be said that nothing except individuals making individual choices and changing individual behavior will be able to reverse climate change. Beausoleil is committed to being part of the solution.

-Robert and Christine Boles


Green building is really about good design, which includes:
  • Environmentally sensitive: Properly planning a project for connection to the community, preservation of land, good solar orientation and use of natural lighting and ventilation
  • Long lasting: Construction of good quality, durable buildings with flexible space planning as occupant needs change over time.
  • Efficient and quiet: Tightly sealing a building to minimize heat gains and losses, thereby minimizing the need to provide conditioned air. A wonderful byproduct of this is a quiet building.
  • Heathy: Providing filtered fresh air through a well-designed ventilation system, thereby reducing allergens and pollutants.
  • Comfortable: Careful selection of materials and systems for indoor air quality, durability, comfort and health
  • Sustainable: Conservation of resources (energy, water, materials, and money)

We are at an exciting time in our profession with an abundance of new green products, technologies and resources. We are committed to a continuous educational process with our clients, contractors and consultants to not only reduce the negative impact of projects on the environment, but to create beautiful spaces that can nurture and shelter us while making the world a better place for our children and future generations.